Taking Nothing for Granted – Crossfit and COPD


What has Crossfit done for me, how has it changed my life. To answer that question we have to go back to the summer of 2012. I was having trouble breathing and it was starting to affect all aspects of my life. After weeks of tests and doctors, I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) the third leading cause of death according to the World Health Organization (WHO). To make a long story short, I was told that there is no cure, no operation, nothing except medication, 4 different kinds everyday for the rest of my life, to make me comfortable. My condition was terminal and my lungs would deteriorate with age, getting harder and harder to breathe. Take your meds and enjoy the time you have left. That’s what I was told.

I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself, eating junk food and gaining weight…I really hit rock bottom!

Then came the phone call that changed my life, my sister had cancer. She was fighting with everything she had and was always optimistic. I decided to change my life. I started eating healthier, stop drinking (well almost), and I joined a fancy gym. My doctor told me working out was not good for me; I believe he said I would get Hypoxemia during exercise. As fate would have it, the gym assigned me a personal trainer who I thought was too young and inexperienced, they gave me the Zumba girl I thought… Boy was I wrong about that. Her name was Sonia and while other trainers were working the machines with their clients, she was making me do wall balls and pull-ups. Eventually she would become a good friend and introduced me to L’Usine Crossfit Taschereau and Maku who told me CrossFit will help improve lung volume and cardio.

The first six months, were hell….My lungs were burning during warm-ups….I thought of quitting every time I started a class, but with a lot of help and encouragement from the coaches and other members in the class, it slowly started to get easier and my breathing was getting better. After a year of Crossfit I was losing fat and adding muscle and I was starting to have fun! A lot of fun… I had not felt this way since I was a kid…. full of energy, always smiling and hopeful for the future. No matter what, Crossfit and LCT are part of me now.

Then came the day I was dreading for an entire year, my annual checkup and lung tests.

I passed the tests easily and everyone was shocked! This was not supposed to happen; I had an incurable lung disease…. What I really had and needed was my family and my Crossfit family at LCT. Today, I take 1 medication instead of 4 and the doctors say whatever you are doing, keep doing it….. I will continue doing Crossfit at LCT

- Stefano Rosati, member of L’usine CrossFit Taschereau since October 2013.

4 Responses to Taking Nothing for Granted – Crossfit and COPD

  1. denis ranger dit :

    Salut mon ami !
    Ce matin en me réveillant , j’avais encore en tête ton merveilleux et courageux partage que j’ai lu hier soir !
    Beaucoup d’émotions se bousculent en moi depuis hier soir !
    J’ai pleurer pour un cher ami que la vie a mis sur ma route , il y a peu de temps.
    J’ai crier devant l’impuissance médicale face a ta maladie .
    J’ai trembler en imaginant ton incroyable force de caractere .
    J’ai frissonner de fierté devant tes victoires journalières chez nous a LCT.
    j’ai remercier Dieu de me permettre de côtoyer un être humain de ta valeur .
    Selon moi,mon ami ….. Tu mérites le titre de MR.Respect … MERCI !

  2. Sylvie duguay dit :

    Un mot pour Stefano, tu as écouté le bon feeling et j’avais l’impression de me lire ! Moi aussi a chaque cours je me demande ce que je fais là ! Mais j’aime ça et il est très vrai que sans le support des coach ( et mon fils et ma belle-fille) j’aurais abandonné !!! Je suis heureuse de te lire, ton histoire je la comprend et je te soutiens !…. J’aspire aussi a du résultat et je souhaite profondément que j’epaterai les médecins aussi !!! Merci de ton partage, la prochaine fois que je me demanderai ce que je fais là….. Je penserai à toi !!!!


    • Stefano Rosati dit :

      Salut Sylvie,
      Ne pas arrêter et ne abandonnez jamais et les résultats viendront ……. écouter votre fils et votre belle-fille, et les entraîneurs extraordinaires que nous avons. Je ne peux imaginer Crossfitting dans un autre «boîte». Je espère que nous faisons un WOD ensemble très bientôt ….

    • Sylvie duguay dit :

      Ce serait génial !!!